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Clare Drew Photography & Photographic Art

I am a photographer and photographic artist and much of my work is interpretative and manipulated using either software or different printing techniques and often incorporating my own paintings and textures.  I am inspired by the beautiful things that I see around me and at work, Indian classical dance and my family connections and history with India.

I see my photography as a way of exploring ideas and themes.  I have a love of the sea nurtured from my childhood in the south and I find inspiration in many ways and from many sources, painting, sculpture, poetry and lyrics and other photographers

I am interested in history and how the past is reflected in the present with particular reference to my family’s long association with India   A visit to India, has had a large influence on my ideas and work  and it was something of a pilgrimage as many of my family have lived and worked there over the last two centuries.

 I am currently working towards an ARPS panel of prints around the theme of Indian dance

The modern age of digital photography has opened up many opportunities to experiment but what is most important to me is the print.  I enjoy the creation of a physical piece of work and exploring new ways of using my images on paper or other media and combining them with other techniques. 

I exhibit and sell my works in the North West and have also had work included in a permanent collection with Lancashire Museums.

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